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inland thanks to a clear sky, live doppler 7 hd dry now. 51 to 59 around the bay in morning. high clouds and sun near 60 at noon. mid 60s around 4:00, grab that coat later on upper 40s to low 50s at 7:00. inland 40 to 47 at 7:00, hanging around 60 at noon low to mid 60s 4:00, 50, cool around 7:00, the coast we are starting with mainly clear conditions, mild at the coast, 52 to 56 this morning upper 50s to near 60 noon high clouds and sun and warm for the coast thanks to a land breeze, low to mid 60s, you will fall back to near 50 mainly clear sky by 7:00. we'll talk about rain in a few minutes for tomorrow and wednesday. first traffic. beginning to bunch up east shore freeway past 580 junction glimmering of
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headlights is the emergency between 580 and 80 slow there. things ease out a little as you make your way past university into the bay bridge and macarthur maze. here's what it looks like behind toll, minor delays for cash paying folks, no metering lights yet earlier stall incline section that cleared, you may find a little sluggish traffic towards the tunnel. off of the bay bridge 80 westbound skyway at 9th, stall blocking right lane there to the dumbarton bridge westbound at tolls new reports of accident in the median there as you make your way from newark towards the peninsula. 6:02. developing news we've learned a man found bound, gagged and unconscious on a san francisco street has died. he was found with a woman in the bay view district 8:30 last night and rushed to the hospital the woman is fighting for her life. police went door-to-door on us were sells -- on brussels
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street. terry mcsweeney will bring us the latest on this developing story in a live report coming up in 30 minutes. man charged with the murder of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar is scheduled to face arraign this morning on additional charges that date back more than three years. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may for sierra lamar's disappearance and murder based on dna. new charges happened in march of 2009 when he was 17. they involve three incidents that include attempted kidnapping and carjacking. east bay city getting ready to decide whether medical marijuana patients should be allowed to grow pot outdoors. reports the concord city council will discuss the issue tomorrow night. this comes after a woman approached the council to complain about a neighbor growing medical marijuana outdoors. concord banned dispensaries in
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2005 but that ordinance doesn't address outdoor grows. in washington republicans and democrats far from a deal. sunday a slight ray of hope as mr. obama and house -- speaker boehner met face-to-face. for the first time we are hearing from the australian deejays who made that prank call tied to the sued side -- tied to the suicide of the british nurse. they are calling it unexpected and shocking. >> if we had any idea that something like this could have been possible to happen, we couldn't see this happening, it was meant to be a prank call. >> the deejays -- [ unintelligible ] coming up, our kira klapper will have more on this just released interview and also the fact that they just term nated the show today plus the
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reason kate middleton might have to -- have to go back to the hospital. apple's mapping app is coming with a safety warning for users downunder. police in australia are asking drivers to avoid using the app. officers say they've had to rescue several people who got stranded when the app led them to the wrong place in some cases drivers were stranded more than 24 hours with no food or water. the ceo publicly apologized and promised improvements. we are learning more about what gaggle is paying and it -- what google is paying and it isn't paying in taxes. 10 billion dollars in revenue shipped to bermuda shell company avoiding two billion dollars in income taxes. the shell company is legal. analysts say this news is likely to fuel outrage that google and other tech companieses dodging taxes.
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google's overall rate is at 21%. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside now you see the san mateo bridge and we see traffic moving well. we also see clear skies and mike will have the full forecast coming up. sue will check traffic.
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firefighters in san leandro mopping up a big rig fire that took a dangerous turnover night. amy hollyfield joins us live with new video of the fiery mess. >> reporter: take a look what the is left of this truck, just the shelf it this gives you an idea of how hot this fire burned. now look at this amazing video of the fire. firefighters let it burn for about an hour they had to sit and watch this they had to wait for pg&e to get to the scene and activate the power lines. this truck was delivering laundry to a juvenile detention center, 3:30 in the morning, it became tangled in the how we are lines and caught fire. >> pretty intense. when we don't get water on 'em they burn pretty good it was exciting for the camp, tires were exploding and there was a lot of noise and interesting. they divac wait part of the camp, -- they did evacuate
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part of the game, 35 juveniles were moved to another building. >> reporter: the kids are all okay they moved them to the cafeteria as a precaution. there were two people inside that truck they escaped safely they jumped far and clear of the truck they avoided electrocution by doing that the driver is a volunteer firefighter so he knew what to do. he said he has made this delivery time and time before so he's trying to figure out why this time, his truck hit a power line. the battalion chief says, sometimes power lines shake loose, droop or sag he said there is no telling why this will be part of his investigation. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:10. right now you are probably wondering are we going to see another day like yesterday? that was warm. >> at least during the afternoon, this among a couple items of concern, 3/4 mile visibility in fairfield and
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santa rosa there is fog inland up in the north bay and it has been moving around last hour it was fairfield and santa rosa were at five miles visibility so the rest of us are okay. today's temperatures, mid to upper 60s except for antioch and brentwood, low 60s. through time sea breeze tomorrow drops temperatures tour to six degrees, rain tuesday night into wednesday, then highs in the 50s wednesday and thursday, mid 50s. live shot good news off of the bay bridge westbound skyway earlier stall at 9th cleared no problems as you come off of the bay bridge. southbound 880 fremont boulevard south awaiting tow truck for a car off the road in a ditch. westbound dumbarton at tolls accident in the median, couple of yellow sensors meaning slow as you approach the toll, otherwise good looking drive
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across the bay towards menlo park and the other side of the bay. nice conditions if you are traveling bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit, everyone is on schedule. 6:11. life after the state department what hillary clinton is telling her friends not to do as she gets ready to reenter private life. michael finney and consumer reports look at which of these ñ
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here get visibility fairfield and santa rosa 3/4 of a mile there patchy but
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very dense mainly in those areas the winds are blowing pretty well in other areas 22 mile per hour wind gust in oakland out of northeast that's why it is so mild this morning in some areas outside of our inland valleys mid to upper 50s around the bay and coast at 7:00, 40 -- 40s inland warmest afternoon in the forecast. 6:15. if you own an ipad, kindle or any other tablet you probably know the frustration of not finding it where you left it last night because the kids are using. >> now there are tablets made for kids for good or bad. michael finney and consumer reports look at choices. >> reporter: if you are not wild about sharing your tablet with your kids, good news, this year more tablets made especially for them and far from kids play.
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consumer reports checked them out. colorful tablets are made for kids but they've got features all grown-up. >> this year we are seeing tablets with real android operating systems wifi and expandable memory. >> reporter: consumer reports evaluated five tablets designed for kids between $150 and $200. testers checked lots of features, including display quality. some screens were hard to view from angle. this machine measures battery life, taps the screen to keep eight wake until batteries run down. then -- keep it away until batteries run down. consumer reports asked a dozen testifiers to read games, and -- they asked how easy the tablets are to turn on and which activities are fun. >> i like taking pictures it
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was fun. >> i liked the games. >> these tablets come with child friendly games and learning activities, the kids like the games the best. >> reporter: for bookworms -- if you want to limit internet access, parental controls are on all tablets. most extensive for younger kids: >> some have internet filters which means kids can surf only to approved websites. parents can limit time online. >> reporter: which did the kids like the best? friendly interface and longest battery life. consumer reports says some grown-up tablets have parental restrictions too, including the galaxy nexus, barnes & noble nook and amazon kindle fire. i'm michael finney.
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on a day lake this get the kids out to play. >> -- good morning. 6:17. looking from roof cam towards the port of oakland, gorgeous sunrise, i'll put it on my facebook page. live doppler 7 hd, radar and satellite superimposed on one graphic don't see much in the way of cloud cover until you get to the lower left of the screen nothing in the way of radar returns very dry out there this morning thanks to offshore wind that is keeping oakland at 60°, in our valleys, winds not as prevalent, 39 in santa rosa and fairfield, a lot of 40s inland to the santa clara valley, san jose 46, los gatos 47 around the bay low to mid 50s even
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half moon bay 59° right now. mid to upper 40s most of the monterey bay and inland gilroy 39°. this afternoon sunny, warmest afternoon this week within a few degrees of record highs. light rains possible tuesday night into wednesday, going to happen, much cooler on back side of that system wednesday through sunday. south bay san jose going to warm up to 66° los gatos warm and spot, redwood city and san mateo 64, half moon bay 65, 63 daly city south san francisco and downtown san francisco. novato -- up to 66 in oakland. 62 newark and 60 brentwood, 62 -- mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay and inland, 30s and 40s tonight 30s inland 40s
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around the bay won't have offshore breeze tonight temperatures will be cooler two. areas of high pressure dominating bringing offshore wind, that's why it is going to be above average today. up to the north clouds there our next system by 10:00 tomorrow evening that line of steadier rain is moving through the for the bay by midnight moving through the heart of the bay 2 a.m. through the south bay and then lighter rain on the back side will hang around throughout morning commute, by noon, it will be scattered showers. quarter to half inch in most neighborhoods. mid 50s wednesday, mid to upper 50s by saturday and sunday for highs. good morning. happy monday. new stall bay bridge incline section, metering lights just turned on. fastrak and carpool lanes are getting by with no delay backed up beyond the west
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grand overcrossing towards san francisco to san jose 280 northbound headlights snaking northbound past the 17 intersection, a little farther north of an accident that is north 280 at highway 87 that accident in the median as you make your way northbound you can see once you get up towards 17 not bad. eastbound surface streets 680, accident just being cleared. west with dumbarton at s to accident in the median towards menlo park. north 85 back to san jose at bernal accident in the median there. 6:21. ahead, the bay area's largest city takes another step towards finding a police chief. rest and relaxation for hillary clinton. friends of the secretary of state reveal what
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welcome back. concord 64, oakland 66 richmond 60 to, santa rosa 68 your record high for today, 80. doppler radar across the state is quiet, low 50s tahoe and yosemite, low to mid 60s elsewhere san diego 68, los angeles 72, palm springs at 70.
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let's look at what is trending on twitter in the bay area. rest in peace jenni rivera, we've been reportingthon the mexican-american singing superstar died yesterday after her plane crashed in mexico. we'll have much more coming up in a few minutes. >> also trending facebook, polls close today for voting on future policy changes. and happy holidays. you can follow us on twitter. annual lists are being released one of the first is yale law school's list of the year's most memorable quotes. mitt romney's comments about 47% of the population was selected as the year's most memorable. followed by his binders full of women comment. the. made the list for his you didn't build that quote about how people who built businesses had help from others. secretary of state clinton fighting a stomach virus and
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will delay her overseas trip for a day she will fly to morocco tomorrow. we are learning more about what clinton has planned, after she leaves the state department next month, short term . "the new york times"s reports she will be taking time off, those who want her for speaking engagements have been told not to ask until april or may. the newspaper says mrs. clinton and former president clinton would like to buy a house in the hamptons or upstate new york. in san jose the last in a series of four meetings will be held tonight on the hiring of a new police chief. chris moore will step down next month after serving less than two years. the goal of the meetings to gain public input. reminder, mark calendars for the abc7 share your holiday food drive, this
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wednesday. meet the news team as we broadcast live from around the bay area taking your donations for local food banks. for more information and a location nearest you go to still ahead, up or down just released survey telling drivers what to expect when it comes to the price at the pump. crash site recovery new item found at the scene where mexican-american superstar jenni rivera's plane went down. lines fall and flames rip through a big rig in the east bay overnight. the dangerous situation that made this fire more troublesome. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at san francisco general, a man is dead, a woman fighting for her life, after both were found in the middle of the street, bound and gag. the story coming up
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. good morning monday december 9th, this is the beautiful view ofmont tam, the sun coming up, going to be -- a warm and pretty day. of course that can last. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. you are right. i know i ask for too much can we get close to 70? >> probably in santa rosa, 66, record high 80 some areas will get close to record highs. good morning live doppler, good news for the morning commute, dry outside. a little fog up in the north bay valleys, other than that quiet this morning. very mild around the bay low to upper 50s through 7:00 near
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60 noon low to mid 60s with mostly sunny sky by 4:00 if you are inland in the 40 to 47° range through 7:00, near 60 at noon low to mid 60s 4:00 drop to 50 by 7:00, you need a light jacket then coast mild to mid 50s mainly clear high clouds near 60 at noon also in the low to mid 60s this afternoon and drop to 50 by 7:00. live shot look at a live shot san mateo bridge from the toll plaza, clawiter on to the flat section of the span towards the highrise towards the san mateo area, traffic moving at the limit, a little slow tail lights starting to bunch up towards the highrise westbound. eastbound everything is at the limit, 15 minute drive from hayward towards san mateo, typical. bunching up 580, 80 westbound, 580 merge by golden gate fields, slow as you approach,
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then things loosen up past university into the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll, metering lights on. san jose north 280, 87 accident blocking two left lanes. north 85 south san jose bernal stall blocking right lane, accident westbound dumbarton at tolls in that the median. new this morning, alameda county firefighters resolved fiery situation near fairmont drive in san leandro, a laundry truck was making a delivery to the juvenile detention center around 3:30 this morning when it became entangled in live power lines and caught fire, two were in the big rig, driver was a roll steer fireman who knew what they had -- was a volunteer fireman who knew what they had to do. crews surrounded the truck and let it burn out before pg&e came to turn off power. developing news out of
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san francisco, we learned overnight a man found bound and gagged over the weekend has died and the woman he was found next to is fighting for her life. terry mcsweeney is live at san francisco general. >> reporter: the two were taken here last night, the man has passed an weighing, the woman still fighting for her life police turning to the public for help. bizarre indeed many look at video of what it looked like last night it began on the 900 block of brussels about 8:30 police arrived fan a man and woman in the street, bound and gagged, police are not saying if -- what the trauma was the man died, the woman is still apply, police say as shocking as this is, -- is still alive, police say as shocking as this is, neighbors do not need to
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be an lad. >> if anyone had seen anything or known -- of anything suspect description we would like to know that immediately. we urge someone to call police with any suspect information. >> reporter: again, female victim alive, but has life-threatening injuries. the victim who passed described as a man in his 20s, police have no suspect and no motive. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the union city woman convicted of killing nursing student michelle le is scheduled for sentencing today. laws require giselle esteban to spend a minimum of 25 years after a jury convicted her of first degree murder in october. prosecutors say esteban killed le in a jealous rage. sheriff's dive team and coast guard hope conditions today will allow them to resume searching waters off mare island for a missing
6:34 am
worker. he was last seen saturday on a tugboat next to a ship that he and a friend were restoring. throughouts believe the retired mechanical engineer fell overboard. his friend found his truck all loaded up and ready to leave. a lit in the tugboat was still on the door was open. the driver's license belonging to jenni rivera has been recovered from the crash site where her plane went down over the weekend. this video shows rivera's california driver's license it appears to be partially melted. the 43-year-old singer was best known for -- six others were onboard, no one survived, leave a comment on facebook page. australian deejays who pulled a prank on the nurse caring for kate middleton who then kill herself are speaking out. kira klapper is live in the newsroom with a look at their
6:35 am
tearful apology. >> reporter: the dee have as -- the deejays are emotional and candid their employer is expressing deep regret and this morning announced it has cancelled the radio show. the two deejays will not return until further notice the company has suspended all prank calls, pulled advertising and ordered an internal investigation. the deejays impersonated the queen and prince charles. they received confidential details about kate's medical information from nurse jacintha saldanha she was found dead three days later. in a tearful interview the deejays say it is gut-wrenching to think they may be responsible for the nurse's death. >> it is heartbreaking and obviously, you know, our deepest sympathies are with
6:36 am
the family and the friends of all those affected. and you know, obviously, we are incredible sorry for this situation and what has happened. and we hop they are doing okay and getting the love and support they deserve right now. personally, i'm -- >> reporter: again, the radio show has been cancelled but the station management says they do not their deejays did anything illegal the deejays have received debt threats are both undergoing -- received death threats and are both undergoing counseling. coming up traffic and weather together, next. live look outside golden gate
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bridge, headlights heading into san francisco. [ unintelligible ] gas prices take a dip how bay area prices compare to the rest of the nation.
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welcome back. 6:40. we have fog around fairfield reporting station there and reporting station in santa rosa 3/4 mile visibility everybody else okay this morning. we have coolest temperatures inland the wind is not making night the valley, 39 fairfield and santa rosa low to mid 40s elsewhere, 50s around the bay, 60 oakland, 59 half moon bay now. destination this afternoon, low to upper 60s under a
6:40 am
mostly sunny sky. we'll be in the 60s tomorrow, a little cooler and 50s for wednesday and thursday. beautiful morning, nice morning to be stuck in traffic at the bay bridge toll, at least you've got lightning and clear skies you are bumper-to-bumper metering lights on a couple earlier stalls cleared upper deck sluggish into san francisco, delay past west grand overcrossing south through san rafael busier o'-- 101 past marin civic center no delays at golden gate bridge. north 280 san jose 87 accident left lane blocked. bernal stall cleared westbound dumbarton toll accident still in the median. gas prices 10 to fall, the new lumberg survey released over the weekend finds prices plummeted 46 cents nationally over the past two months. prices should continue to tall
6:41 am
in the coming days. in the bay area san francisco $3.70, a gal of regular. in san jose $3.57. keeping hostess an flowed, controversial way executives -- afloat. controversial way executives kept the doors open. trading underway. dow is up 12 points. we go t ñ
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all the bay area is going to be warm, good morning.
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sunshine, a few high clouds if you enjoyed yesterday you will enjoy this afternoon coolest east bay valleys, antioch, brentwood and pittsburg low to mid 60s the rest of us mid to upper 60s richmond 62, santa rosa 68. oakland, richmond and possibly concord could see record high temperatures or close. for the state doppler dry, low to mid 50s tahoe and yosemite, low to mid 60s southern california mainly sunny, upper 60s to low 70s. 6:45. former south african president nelson mandela said to be doing well but remains in the hospital for a third day. the 94-year-old is comfortable and receiving medical care. officials declined to say where he is or what he's being treated for.
6:45 am
he's revaried at home and around the world for leading the struggle against white minority rule before becoming south africa's first black president in 1994. "wall street journal" reporting hostess used employee pension wages to stay afloat as it sank towards bankruptcy. today is the final day forbidders interested in taking over to step -- forward so far 160 companies have expressed interest. it has facilities across the country, including oakland. warm temperatures but that's going to change in the next couple of days. >> i was pressing hard for mike to tell us if we will have records today. it is clear and we could get close to records today,
6:46 am
mike is telling us. probably won't break any. sir why didn't you pick it up from there. looking down on emeryville towards san francisco you can see how clear it is, high pressure, live doppler, not only the radar but the satellite superimposed and you don't see radar returns, barely clouds mainly in the lower left of the screen. let's take about temperature-wise as you tell out said this morning, we are all over the place from the valleys not getting the affects of the offshore wind, 30s and 40s there around the bay we have wind and temperatures in the 50s to near 60 oakland and half moon bay. gilroy 39 mid to upper 40s for the rest of the monterey bay and inland today sunny and will be the warmest day this week. light rain possible tuesday night into wednesday that system coming from alaska means cooler weather wednesday through the weekend. today we are going to be from
6:47 am
four to eight degrees warmer than average, richmond, oakland and concord possibly flirting with records, within a couple of degrees, 62 antioch and richmond, rest of us mid to upper 60s monterey bay mid to upper 60s here and inland tonight cooler than this morning, high pressure moving away and taking warmest weather with it, 30s and 40s inland, 40s bay, san jose 43, oakland 46, santa rosa and concord 40°. two areas of high pressure dominating eastern pacific and west coast of the united states, with the offshore flow we keep that cool water air cooled water cooled air out over the ocean and then look to the north from alaska that going to bring us the wet weather, tuesday evening 7:00, light rain starts to break out into the north bay 10:00 steady light rain in the north bay
6:48 am
midnight around the bay into the south bay 2:00 in the morning you get steadiest rain in the morning hours still looking at light steady rain especially from the bay into the south bay by noon just scattered light showers. rainfall amounts around quarter to half inch for most of us, temperatures will drop into the mid 50s wednesday and stay there until friday mid to upper 50s into the weekend. beautiful morning out there. past golden gate fields, 80 westbound out of richmond, in a bit of slow traffic 580 merges with 80 you can see the bunched up headlights once you reap university into emeryville traffic lightens up into the macarthur maze as you make your way to the toll, little heavier traffic north 280 san jose past 17 junction, headlights jamming up towards cupertino, a little farther south, big jam north 280 at 87,
6:49 am
accident still blocking)s z?hlet lane, yellow sensors with slowing past the scene. southbound 80 at vargas stall blocking one lane, west wound 80 -- westbound 80 cordelia truck stales in fairfield near 68 -- reports after accident blocking a lane there. 6:49. i think we need to pack our bags, i hear there's a holiday party going on with robin roberts. >> where is my invitation josh? problem with josh [ talking over each other ] >> we'll be back with five things to know before you go. abc7 morning news returns in
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6:51, live look at the golden gate bridge traffic
6:51 am
moving along fine beautiful shot on this clear monday morning, december 10th. as we get ready to hand off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go: number one, big rig caught fire after getting tangled up in high voltage power lines, the two jumped out safely. pg&e came to turn the power off. >> number two, san francisco police hoping the public can help after a man and woman were found bound, gagged and unconscious in the bay view the man died the woman has life-threatening injuries. >> number three, the union city woman who killed nursing student michelle le finds out today how long she will go to prison. giselle esteban is expected to be sentenced to at least 25 years.
6:52 am
>> number four, millions are mourning the death of the wildly popular singer jenni rivera. a small jet carrying the superstar and six others crashed in northern mexico yesterday. investigators trying to determine why the plane vanished from radar after taking off. number five, the duchess kate middleton's health took a turn for the worse over the weekend not serious enough to readmit her to the hospital. the australian radio ski jays at the center of the prank call scandal suspended, their show cancelled. 6:53. if you are hoping for a holiday gift from your employer, don't get your hopes up too high. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. up and down morning here so far, investigators responding to political uncertainties in
6:53 am
italy now the worry is leadership change would disrupt efforts to curb debt, that is a sensitive issue here with the fiscal cliff possibly approaching. tomorrow we did have the start of a two-day fed meeting, expected to possibly look at more economic stimulus. market diet, dow and nasdaq positive, s&p lower only by a -- fraction. bloomberg trading up a of a percent. skinny suits may be turning fat profits, jobs picture improves, retailers generating 25 to 30% of its business from the suits. if you are expecting a holiday gift from your employer don't get your hopes up. advertising specialty institute says the average gift will be worth about $42. gift cards and cash are most popular. live at the tphaepblg, i'm jane king.
6:54 am
-- nobody is getting that starbucks card $400 card. good morning. here's a look at live doppler, keep the umbrella away you need sunglasses maybe short sleeves during the afternoon, temperatures near records in a few areas, still concerns, fairfield and santa rosa 3/4 mile visibility because of the fog. you can see winds gusting fast around oakland light in our valleys you are much cooler there in the 30s and 40s oakland because of that breeze is keeping atmosphere overturned not letting the cold air sink under the warm air, 60, off nor breeze keeping half moon bay at 59°. -- into the afternoon high clouds like yesterday, sunshine will dominate so will temperatures low to mid 60s at the coast. around the bay, breeze blowing from the land to the ocean
6:55 am
going to push news the low to mid 60s inland warmest and coolest highs from 60 in some of the east bay valleys to 68° in santa rosa, record high in santa rosa, 80. sorry won't get close. back to the bay bridge toll, sun is starting to come up you can see traffic backed beyond the west grand overcrossing towards the macarthur maze metering lights on, earlier stalls on the incline gone, the damage behind the toll is done. accident southbound 680 at vargas, off to the shoulder, on the sunol grade. another accident westbound 80 at cordelia truck scales, cleared, so towards the bay area. final look at our traffic app, this is our waze app showing san jose 280 at 87, accident blocking the left lanes, very heavy traffic northbound 280
6:56 am
as you make your way towards that junction, the gatt a parkway towards cupertino as well -- great app to navigate, tree on apple's app store and google play. handy to have, i have it and i use it all the time. >> that was a comprehensive look at traffic. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. we continue in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." i got a little tickle in my throat, would you mind. >> did that work for you? >> we are always on at
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the dee jas behind the explosive royal hoax come out of hiding, saying they're shattered and heart broken. >> there's not a minute that goes by that we don't think about her family and what they may be going through. the thought that we may have played a part in it is -- >> why they never thought they would get through to kate and what they want to say to the

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